In Glandless Transformer Oil Pumps the pump and driving motor are assembled as a single unit on a common shaft. The transformer oil circulates through the windings thus eliminating cooling fan , shaft seal and avoiding the danger of oil leakage or entry of air.

The complete unit is weather proof and can be arranged in horizontal or vertical mounting. Lubrication of the bearings and cooling of the motor windings is achieved with the circulation of transformer oil. This results in a very efficient rate of cooling of the motor windings with minimum re-circulation losses and maximum utilization of available motor power.

These are monobloc in construction and glandless in design. Operating with a induction motor and frictionless bearing and submerged in the pumping liquid.

These are meeting the Indian Standard & International Standard requirements and the prime movers are as per IEC 34-1.

Our Catalogue

Standard Features Optional Features
  • GLANDLESS Monoblock
  • Frictionless Bearings
  • 2pole to 8pole speed-as required
  • 230 / 415 Volts, 1 PH & 3 PH, 50 Hz/60Hz
  • 'F' class Insulation
  • Foot/ Flange Mounted
  • 'H' class Insulation
  • Non-Ferrous Impeller for Centrifugal Pumps
  • Special Bearings
  • Foot/Flange Mounted Pumps
  • Voltage range - as required

Product Range

  • 100LPM TO 3500LPM@20-2M IN RADIAL FLOW
  • 100LPM TO 10000LPM@5-1M IN AXIAL FLOW

Prime movers can be single phase or three phase, 50 to 60Hz, Voltage as required to meet Indian or International standards.

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